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Package bees for sale 2017

Package Bees for Sale

Package Bees for Sale

To Bee or Not To Bee now has Carniolan and Italian package bees for sale online and in our store. These packages, produced by C. F. Koehnen and Sons, come with Cordovan Italian or Carniolan queens. A family with a rich beekeeping history, the Koehnen’s have a reputation for assembling high-quality packages with top-notch queens. The bees will be transported to their new home in a climate controlled trailer to reduce temperature stress.

Carniolan package bees

Koehnen and Sons’ Carniolans are mated in an isolated area and observed for a year prior to use in their breeding program.  They mate the virgin queens with Italian drones, resulting in an excellent mix of both Italian and Carniolan traits.  The queen exhibits typical Carniolan overwintering behavior, and her offspring possess the gentleness of Italians.

Carniolans reduce their numbers in the fall and enter winter with a smaller cluster of bees. As a result, there will be less brood, which may require less food over the winter decreasing the possibility of losing colonies to starvation. Carnolians build up slower in the spring, waiting until resources are available to begin brood rearing. They build up quickly so the Carniolan should be equally as productive as the Italian. You can order Carniolan packages through our website or in person at our store.

Italian package bees

Italian bees are known for having brood year-round. The queen tends to lay regardless of weather or nectar availability. Because of the larger size of the winter cluster, you may need to leave more food for the winter, or supplement stores with feed. Italians are best positioned to capture early honey. Read more about our Italian packages in our online shop.

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