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Nucs for sale 2017

Nucs for sale

Nucs now available

We now have nucs for sale via our web store. Nucleus colonies (nucs) can be a better option than a package in Colorado for a couple of reasons. Because nucs typically include a frame of food, they can be a little easier to maintain. Colorado weather in the spring can be unpredictable, and having food in your new colony will help. Nucs also include brood and drawn comb. This can give your colony a head start when compared to a package.

The parent colonies of these nucs spend winter in Colorado until Almond season. After their pollination contract, the beekeeper splits the hives and adds a 2017 Italian queen to the nuc. They are then brought home to Colorado by Lazy Bee Ranch in a climate controlled trailer to help prevent temperature stress on the bees.

Lazy Bee Ranch expects to be delivering these bees to To Bee or Not To Bee in the first half of May. The exact date and time of delivery have yet to be determined. Date and time may change due to the unpredictable nature of Spring on the front-range.

You are responsible for picking up your bees on delivery day or finding somebody to get your bees for you. To Bee or Not To Bee will not hold or care for your bees beyond the scheduled delivery period. You may cancel your order before April 1st for a 20% administrative fee. After April 1st, there are no refunds for canceled orders.

We do not ship bees, so please check the box for in-store pickup when you see it during the checkout process.