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Beginning Beekeeping Starter Kit Special

Beekeeping Starter Kit

We are pleased to be able to offer this beginning beekeeping starter kit for only $299. This basic kit contains the bare essentials you need to start beekeeping.

Our Beekeeping Starter Kit includes:

  • Our screened bottom board with a pull-out tray
  • 2 deep brood boxes – assembled and painted
  • 20 wood frames with wax coated plastic foundation
  • Inner cover
  • Top cover
  • Smoker
  • Bee brush
  • Hive tool
  • Cotton jacket with choice of veils

This special is available through March 31st. Only available in store.

Select Jackets on Clearance

Select Beekeeping Jackets are $20 off!

Ventilated Jackets with hooded veils, a steal at the previous price of $99, have been further reduced to $79.

Round veil Jackets regularly $69.95, are now $49.95.

We are unveiling our new clothing line soon and need room on the shelves.

Size selections and quantities are limited to the stock on hand. This offer does not apply to Dadant clothing.

Highland Bees selling packages for delivery at To Bee or Not To Bee

It’s that time again!

Tim Brod has just opened up his website for package and nuc sales! His packages will be Carniolans, while the nucs are Italians. You may select to have your package delivered here at the store. Tim currently has an expected delivery date in the last two weeks of April.

Tim’s nucs will not be delivered here. We are in the process of negotiating with a local supplier for nucs that will be delivered to our store. More information on those will be coming shortly. In the mean time, here’s a link to Tim’s bees, get ’em while you can.


Highland Bees Queens Available at To Bee or Not To Bee

We’re excited to announce that Highland Bees has made queens available through To Bee or Not To Bee!

The queens are not banked at the store, so we require a days notice for orders so we can retrieve the queens and bring them in to the shop.

The price for the queens is $35. After credit card, processing fees, syrup costs etc, we aren’t making any money from the queens, but offer this service as a convenience to our customers that can’t make the trip to Boulder where Tim sells them for $30.

David and Ashley