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Kim Flottum’s second and final night tonight

Kim Flottum, editor of Bee Culture magazine, will be presenting his 10 Rules for Modern Beekeeping talk tonight in Northglenn.  We attended last night’s talk in Loveland and enjoyed it very much.

The talk starts at 6:30 and the CSBA asks for a donation of $5 for members or $10 for non-members.

For more information about Kim, and the location of the presentation, check out the CSBA Website!

We hope to see you there!

Tim Brod’s Group 2 Bee delivery is EARLY!

Tim Brod’s group 2 delivery is EARLY. Bees will be coming in tonight, for distribution tomorrow. Additionally, to try and make things more convenient, Tim has split it up so that some packages will be at his place in Boulder.

Please check your email. This should tell you if your bees are scheduled to be delivered in Boulder, or at To Bee or Not To Bee. If you need to switch the location of your delivery, email Tim.

For those of you who are picking up bees in Boulder, but still needing supplies, please call us. We can accept credit cards over the phone, and have Tim take a load of supplies with him to pick up with your bees. He will have our fondant, and pollen patties available there to pick up as well.

Thanks! Here we go!

Swarm list – Swarm Season Is Upon Us!

To Bee or Not To Bee is operating a swarm list this year.

We will be using Google earth to generate a map with a pin for each beekeeper who is interested in capturing a swarm. When we get a call, we will search for the nearest beekeeper, and the first available one will get the call. We will pass along the homeowner’s phone number to the beekeeper for further coordination.  We will also be requesting the homeowners to call us back and give us feedback about their satisfaction with the swarm removal.

We will do our best to screen calls to make sure that they are in fact bees, and are a swarm versus as structural removal.

Email us the location that you would like your pin to be on the map. It doesn’t have to be your actual address, an intersection will do.  It should be where you will most likely be during swarm season.  We will also need a contact number. This should be a cell phone, or a number that you are reachable at during daylight hours. Whether or not you have a bee-vac is also useful information.

If you have a swarm of bees that you would like collected, please call us at (303) 728-4422

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