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A new store in Littleton hopes to create some buzz in the South Jeffco beekeeping community.

A new store in Littleton hopes to create some buzz in the South Jeffco beekeeping community.

To Bee Or Not To Bee opened in February at 8280 W. Coal Mine Ave. Yet the business has been around in one form or another for more than 25 years, said Dave Baker, who owns the beekeeping supply store with his wife, Ashley.

The couple bought the rights to the store from the former owner, who operated it in north Denver and who herself had bought the store several years ago and changed the name to To Bee Or Not To Bee, Dave Baker said.

“We were looking at some form of semi-retirement,” said Dave, a geophysicist in the oil and gas industry. “Around that time we heard the business was available for purchase, and it just seemed right.”

Ashley Baker said it was important that someone keep the business going.

“Somebody needed to keep the store open,”  Ashley said. “We did it to make sure there’s a good bee store in the area.”

Dave and Ashley have been keeping bees for four seasons. Ashley said it all started when her mother-in-law had a hive of bees removed from her property.

“It was random. His mom had a hive in her soffit and had someone come out and remove it. He thought it was cool and kind of got into it,” Ashley said. “He started a month before me, and then I got into it.”

Beekeeping is now a passion for the couple, and they bring that passion to the business. The store plans to host classes on beekeeping, and an employee will always be on hand to provide advice and tips to beginning beekeepers.

“We want to help people with their experience on their beekeeping journey,” Ashley said. “Bees are just so important to all of us.”

That passion has attracted another area beekeeper. Jeanne Williams, Dave’s co-worker, said she was stung by the beekeeping bug when she helped him remove a swarm.

“He came into my office excited and asked if I wanted to come help him remove a swarm of bees, and I said, ‘I think so,’ ” Williams said. “I’d been going with him to Hudson Gardens to visit his hives, and I was interested in getting my own hive for a while.”

Williams was excited to have the Bakers open the store in the area.

“It’s so wonderful. Not just because of the equipment and supplies, but they’re also there as a source of information and help, along with mentoring,” Williams said.

Along with supplies and lessons, the store also stocks local honey and books on beekeeping, and will soon offer products like lip balms and lotions made from local beeswax.

To learn more about the store, visit www.tobeeornottobee.us or call 303-728-4422.

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