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Web store now open

We are super excited to announce that it is now possible to shop for beekeeping supplies and beekeeping classes right here on our website.

Beekeeping Classes

All of our classes become available to register for on our website as soon as we schedule them. No longer is it necessary to wait until we are in the shop to reserve your space. Because classes are not physical products, the shipping options may be a little confusing.  Please check the box for in-store pick-up when you see it. Doing so will keep the shop software from charging you shipping on your class.  Rest assured, however, that if you do end up accidentally selecting some form of shipping on a class that we will refund the shipping charge, or credit the amount to your in-store account.

Beekeeping Supplies

You can now buy beekeeping supplies directly in our online store. Currently, the supplies available online, pale in comparison to what we offer in-store. It takes much work to write descriptions of products and to upload photos. We will continue to add products as we find time to do so. If there is a product that you do not see on our site, that you would like us to add, please contact us and let us know and we will prioritize adding it.

Shipping Options

Currently, our shipping options are limited to in-store-pick-up and USPS priority and priority express. These two options are what we have experience with and are comfortable offering so that your packages get to you in a timely fashion.  USPS is also one of the cheapest shipping options available. We are, however, learning about how to add additional shipping options. Those will become available when we are confident in our ability to deliver (no pun intended) a smooth experience to you.

As we learn about shipping and the finer points of how the online shop operates, we appreciate your patience.

David and Ashley