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Intermediate Beekeeping - Sun. Apr 2nd 9:00am

Intermediate Beekeeping - Sun. Apr 2nd 9:00am


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Intermediate Beekeeping Class - Sun. April 2nd 9:00am

Product Description

Your second year with bees is not the same as your first. Learn about the differences from Bee Guru, Gregg McMahan. Topics include:

Making sure your bees have enough food to finish the winter
Swarm mitigation methods
Spring hive management
Pests and diseases
Feeding / nutritional supplements
Supering hives
Splitting / making increase

... and more. Gregg's classes are highly regarded by his students, and we are pleased to offer them.

Getting bees through their first winter is the first step down the road to successful beekeeping. Learn what it takes to go the rest of the way.

Class lasts from 9am to 3pm with a one hour lunch break. Be sure to select the option for in-store pickup when you see it during the check out process