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Honey B Healthy Super Plus- 16oz

Honey B Healthy Super Plus- 16oz


HONEY-B-HEALTHY® Super Plus - 16oz bottle

Product Description

HONEY-B-HEALTHY® Super Plus is a special essential oil emulsion. We have observed that, when combined with any combination of other Honey-B-Healthy® products, Super Plus will accelerate consumption of the feeding mix.

We advise that Amino-B Booster® or Vitamin-B Healthy™ be combined with Original Honey-B-Healthy or Honey-B-Healthy® Super Plus. Amino-B Booster® provides the protein (amino acids the bees need). Vitamin B Healthy™ provides the bees with needed Vitamins and Minerals.

HONEY-B-HEALTHY® Super Plus is made of food grade ingredients in an FDA Registered food manufacturing facility. However, it is not intended for human consumption.

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