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3lb bee package - Cordovan Italian

3lb bee package - Cordovan Italian


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3 pounds of bees with C.F. Koehnen's Cordovan Italian Queen
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Product Description

These package bees are produced by C. F. Koehnen and Sons, one of the premier queen rearing families in the US. They are shaken from colonies in California after the almond season and brought to their new home in Colorado in a climate controlled trailer to help prevent temperature stress on the bees.

Here's what they have to say about their Cordovan Italian queens" "Our Cordovan breeding project began in approximately 1975. Our Italians have been exclusively lighter colored Cordovans ever since, with color ranging from light yellow to rust. They have many fine qualities: the queens are very prolific, known for their rapid Spring buildup, and they are extremely gentle. They are proven to be very hygienic. Two-thirds of our production is this Italian. "

Italian bees are known for having brood year-round. The queen tends to lay regardless of weather or nectar availability. Because of the larger size of the winter cluster, you may need to leave more food for the winter, or be prepared for winter feeding.

The expected delivery date of these packages is From April 21st - May12th. However, bees are an agricultural product, and there is always some unpredictability in delivery times. You will be notified via email as the date is finalized

You are responsible for picking up your bees on delivery day or finding somebody to get your bees for you. To Bee or Not To Bee will not hold or care for your bees beyond the scheduled delivery period. You may cancel your order before April 1st for a 20% administrative fee. After April 1st, there are no refunds for canceled orders.

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