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About To Bee

Some of the smokers and bee books in the inventory.

A Family Tradition of Colorado Business

Vicki Munroe, To Bee Or Not To Bee owner, caught her first swarm in 2008 and became infatuated with bees. She opened her shop in March 2009. It may seem odd to find To Bee Or Not To Bee in the middle of a construction equipment rental yard, but there are several reasons for it. Now that backyard beekeeping is legal in Denver, Littleton, and some other suburbs, the store is centrally located for Denver area beekeepers and very close to I-25. Also, the yard is owned by Vicki's family.

Vicki is following a long family tradition of Colorado businesses, since the 1930s. Both of her grandfathers had businesses in Denver - Jack Scott's Hardware and Jack Munroe of the White Truck Company. The family consists of Colorado natives dating from the 1890's as well as homesteaders putting down stakes in the Canon City area. So, the yard was available, and there was this quonset hut in it the perfect shape for a beehive store. Besides, beekeepers are used to going into strange yards to take care of bees. Vicki added some sparkly paint to the quonset hut, stocked the shelves, and opened To Bee Or Not To Bee on March 17, in honor of her father on his birthday.

All About Options for All Sorts of Beekeepers

Vicki with spring nucs

Vicki is stocking the shop primarily for hobbyists, though if somebody wants to order a hundred hives at a time, she'll get to work on it! To Bee Or Not To Bee carries everything from deep and medium supers made of plastic (much lighter to lift than wood) to the top bar hives promoted by the listen-to-the-bee philosophies. She has various styles of golden mean, golden mean hybrid, Warre and Kenya-style top bar hives. It's all about options--Vicki carries as much variety as anyone has an interest in. She strives to carry high quality products, offers the additional option of used equipment and promotes living green.

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